Sunday, August 29, 2010


iklan NUFFNANG (Life's little escape-Nokia E5) cantekk..(tibe-tibe je kan)

ade burung-burung berterbangan..
(tibe-tibe burung kat utp berkicauan same)
warne hijau mendamaikan mate..
layout yang cantek!

Get your Free E5cape Kit*
when activate your email and IM on your new Nokia E5 at Nokia Stores.
Enjoy a littel escape on us with the enclosed Starbucks vouchers.Sign up for the "My Little E5cape" contest to win great prizes of up to RM5000! Contest starts 16th August and ends 24th September 2010.

wow! menarik!
tapi saye takde nokia T_T

p/s: jom kelik-kelik :P
kena tahu jugak isi iklan tuh..baru la update sket
muahaha :)

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