Tuesday, August 31, 2010

love is..

for some reason, love is hard
i'm still awkward
Actually, i feel closer to my sadness
love seems far away
we are so different from each other
the only thing we have in common is being fools
though, we sometimes cross each other and sometimes clash

it must be love, it must be love
when i see you, my heart feels so full
my rusty heart, my hardened heart
you have woke them up
love me, hold me
so that the hurt i've kept hidden
my painful tears and sad loneliness will never come back
the person hidden by my tears for so long 
the person i've waited for so long 

must be you, it must be you
if i'm standing with you, even if i'm hurt, i finding myself laughing
even the deepest scars, even the tears that have become habit
you've made them better

i'll show you everything, i'll show you everything
all my love that i've saved up
so that the words "alone" and "goodbye"
we won't have between us

-taken from korean song-

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