Friday, December 10, 2010

huh? lupa la pulak!

Happy Belated birthday to my first little brother azwan!

Sowi akak lupa semalam was 9th of December!

Happy belated birthday abe!
selamat ulang tahun ke-19

may Allah bless u
berbakti for the family
be a MAN
be responsible especially to the family and adik-adik
jadi contoh
belajar untuk ilmu and ilmu is for your future
kekurangan yang ade sekarang akan jadi kelebihan satu hari nanti
believe it and InsyaAllah

your sister

p/s: i know he will not read this but someday i believe he will find out about my belog :D because u all will know dis is my diary and watsoeve i want to say here, i will say it..

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