Friday, December 3, 2010

jom kite bergosip

have u watch gossip girl season 4?
(hahaha..ingat kan gossip ape la minah pwincers nih nak tulis kannn)
taknak la gosip-gosip..tapi kalo cite betol boleh la nak share...ekeke

haaa...dah tengok belum season 4?
season 4 episode 10?
belum ke? pi tengok cepat..
dah? bagus2..

nak kasi preview sket:

on this tenth Episode of gossip girl expect more drama as Serena confess her love for Dan. Vanessa frames Jenny for the coup that Jenny, Juliet and Vanessa planned against Serena. Jenny tells everything to Blair so she can help Serena while Chuck is in denial to Blair since Jenny’s return. Are we seeing more conflicts here? meanwhile,   Nate attempts to get his parents to put their past behind them and reconcile. Fearing that she’ll get in trouble, Juliet decides to leave town with a paycheck from Lily while Blair asks Dan for help to get Serena justice.


sebenarnye entry nih bukan nak promote cite gossip girl laaa..
tapi nak cakap i menangis sebab tengok episode nih..
kelakar tak?
penuh emosi gile..
nih la first episode dari season 1 till season 4 yang boleh buat i nangis!
salute arhhh!
gud job director: Tate Donovan
scrip writer: Robert Hull & Joshua Safran.

Love you more Gossip Girl!!

Gossip Girl :P

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