Thursday, October 14, 2010


open for booking now!!
haha macam i nih dealer kete lak kan..
dua tiga hari nih slalu nampak orang update pasal inspira..
so search la ape bnde la tuh kan..
so after checked! i knew it!
its a new model from proton..
proton inspira~

Proton has unveiled that Proton Inspira will be the official name for its Proton Waja replacement model, which has until now been only referred to by its internal codename, the Proton P3-90A.
The Proton Inspira is developed from a Mitsubishi Lancer with the choice of a Mitsubishi’s 4B10 1.8 liter engine with a 5-speed manual, a Mitsubishi 4B10 1.8 liter engine with a 6-speed virtual ratio CVT gearbox, or a top of the range 2.0 liter 4B11 engine with the same CVT transmission with added steering column paddle shifters.

so people...who interested can visit proton showroom (15th-16th October) 
hoho..macam dealer betol2 dah..sape2 berminat leh la search2..
kelakar gak baca comment2 kat belog yang post psl inspira nih..
ade yang agree and somehow they disagree..

p/s: tapi ade orang tuh tukar kereta and amik proton exora..
pape pun hati-hati la memandu nanti :)

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